For over 25 Years I have been constantly learning, continuing my knowledge, to stay on top of this ever-changing technical environment.

From your humble light globe change or fitting repairs, to more advanced automation making it possible to control lighting settings, such as mood lighting (party/ relax), as well as your TV, air conditioning and loads more from a simple touch of a button on your phone.

240V Electrical

We are able to help with majority of your General Electrical needs.


We are able to assist with Automation systems, also we can smart wire your home or office. 

Network & Phone Cabling

We cover all aspects of network & Phone solutions. From Wifi outlets to Data Points to complete Data Cabinet installs.   

Garden Lighting

We have an extensive amount of knowledge when it comes to Garden Lighting. Staying focussed on LED lights, is the way moving forward


If you are not to sure with where things should go, we can help you out with the Electrical design. Over the years we have seen what stands the test of trends and are happy to assist. 


We can provide assistance with Supply as well as Installation,  when it comes to choosing the right light source outcome you so desire.

Rubbish Removal

We will dispose our waste and recycle what we can at the best of our ability.

Environmental Aware

We take a stand, when it comes to environment and leaving our Carbon Footprint. 


We strongly believe in leaving your place the same way we found it. If not better!

KNX is a European Home Automation corporation, Starting up in 1990. Since that time KNX has spread throughout the world, sharing its electronic "bus" system and welcoming many partners to share their vision. Having over 300 Partners adjoined with KNX, gives you the client more choice in your products to have in your building or Home.

KNX is recognised as an international standard 

Clipsal By Schneider Electric Cbus Automation System has been one of the leaders of the Australian market since 1994. With a huge amount of self made products and are continually staying on top of the growing demand, of this fast moving technology. C-Bus also has the ability to integrate with other 3rd party systems.


Established in the Year 2000 
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