My story in a Nutshell from the Electrical Beginning to now!

Starting out as a young apprentice back in 1993, I was a fresh-faced little kid with a sense of innocence and naivety to the world. I knew one thing, that the field of electrical work had so many directions to go in.

I wasn't the type to follow school procedures, so it was advised that leaving school at year 10 was probably the best thing for me. Electrical was not my ideal break away from school, but I look back and must thank my mother for her strong persuasive direction. I completed the School certificate, had the weekend off, then straight into the full-time work force.

During this 4-year journey, I was lucky enough to have the experience in so many different areas of the electrical game. At the time it didn't feel like this was so, because for the first couple of years, the companies I was employed by, kept folding, which was always a worry when it arose. Working for these companies showed me the construction of some very large commercial buildings and with that gave me experience to sight large scale plans and observe the flow of how a large-scale operation was to be carried out. After this I moved into the Domestic world and discovered that you as the "Sparkie" were expected to run what ever had a cable attached to it. The employer that I had, didn't say no to any type of work that would get our foot in the door, from small little cottages, little shops to large "High End" Luxury homes in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and full floor office fit outs, we were so busy working nearly 10 Hour days, every day!

The day my Apprenticeship had come to its end, I knew that I was ready to do this (Electrical) on my own. I started to Sub-Contract myself out over the next couple of years, then found myself travelling up and down the east coast of Australia Fitting out Shops for many different chains. From Food Outlets to Clothing Stores.

In 2000 I started my company named E4 Electrical and from that date I didn't look back, taking on jobs, working directly with clients. I held contracts which involved fitting out large office floor areas and also looking after a Large Office Furniture company's warehouse, with their complete setup and continuous maintenance. I worked alongside my step brother in parallel companies, constantly using each others labour to get our jobs done on schedule. Eventually we decided to join forces in 2011 and started E4 Electrical Group. The company continued to grow, building up clientele basically by word of mouth. To this day E4 Electrical Group is going strong down in Sydney.

By 2017 I was looking for a change so decided to bring my family up to Byron Bay. So here I am, ready to share my knowledge with the good people up in this magical place.


Established in the Year 2000 
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